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A space to store and present my artwork: my attempt at a graphic novel, comics, manga, illustrations and classical drawings, webdesign or just anything I feel like putting online.
If you want to comment upon it, you can use e-mail. Feedback is always appreciated.

27.04.2012 - A last update of this version, I hope. Many new things in Gallery/2006 and especially in the sketchbook; it will probably take a while for all the images to load. Actually the sketches and the finished art somehow blend now as I just don't know what technique to choose for the final version. I tried computer-colouring for my presentation at Ligatura, but I'm not really sure about it. Hand-coloured pictures don't seem so static, and it doesn't take so much time. Maybe a combination of both?
For over six months I've also been drawing a comic strip for I even get real money for it...

07.11.2010 - Gallery/classical updated. I sold a fifth copy of Lush Poppy, and I'd rather kill myself than do it again.

04.10.2010 - I had some serious computer problems these past few months, but that's over, since I have a new computer now. But I lost the copy of that I had on the old computer and had to download it from the internet, so the HTML is a mess; the new Explorer (I haven't had time to install Mozilla yet) also displays some mistakes that weren't previously visible. I won't be correcting anything and rather start from scratch.
Meanwhile, a new comics for PrimaLex and one new painting in gallery/classical.

10.04.2010 - So many things going on.
Of course I'm still planning to launch the new version of (and my graphic novel) as soon as possible, but meanwhile:
I drew a short comics for PrimaLEX - the magazine of the Czech branch of Elsa (European Law Students' Association). I'm not very proud of the artwork, but still we've agreed on future cooperation. In the printed version of PrimaLEX there's also going to be a huge advertisement for this website, so I better have something new for any potential visitors.
Time to start drawing the comics I promised to this year's edition of the magazine of - they published our manga Android Eyes in their Comics & Manga Book 2008. This year I hope to offer something better... I mean, the book is available in normal bookstores, and there's my real name in it.
I sold a fourth replica of Lush Poppy (at least this time it took me only about twenty hours) and I'm working on other comissioned paintings. I also did a wall decoration for my cousin, but I don't have any photos yet.
I've entered a design competition. I know I don't stand a chance... but they sent me an invitation e-mail, so I might as well give it a try.
Pro české návštěvníky webu - pokud byste měli zájem o moje obrazy, můžete mě nově kontaktovat přes

13.02.2010 - Gallery/classical updated.

20.01.2010 - Sketchbook updated... I've just finished the fourth notepad.

03.01.2010 - Gallery and sketchbook updated.

09.12.2009 - Added some new pictures in the sketchbook. I really don't know why I bother. This time the images aren't as polished as in the previous updates.
I sold two paintings and have orders for another four! I'm going to be famous! Or sued for plagiarism and forgery.

17.11.2009 - The site was unavailable for a few days: I hadn't paid for the hosting in time so Forpsi switched it off. Oh well... there's nothing new anyway. At least nothing suitable for publishing. I'm working really hard and very systematically on the
graphic novel - designing locations, costumes, artefacts and symbols, redesigning some characters, organizing the plot. I've already filled three notepads with sketches and I'm half through another one.
BTW, it seems my green stage has ended; it's all electric blue now.

27.07.2009 - A secret illustration again. Oh, and the people in it actually have flesh-coloured skin, not paper white as I always draw them. It's quite a big difference for me.
My mother talked me into painting yet another replica of Heighton's Lush Poppy, and I hate every square centimetre of it!

20.06.2009 - Another secret illustration in the gallery. I think I'm going to need a special section devoted to these.
Lately I've been mostly sketching - I've already filled one third of the sketchbook I got for Christmas from Monika Chang (some examples are here) and there's another huge stack of sketches for the comics on my table. But most importantly, I think I finally figured out how to scan and colour it!

27.02.2009 - Well, I sold another one of those goddamned striped cats. At least it's easy money; something to compensate for another Brent Heighton replica I'm working on. A friend of my mother saw the one I gave her for Christmas and ordered exactly the same. It's really tedious.
And another thing. During the last two months I've developed a new obsession which is worth mentioning - Matthew Bourne's production of Swan Lake (I mean the 1996 DVD with original cast). I would never have believed that a ballet could be so thrilling and dramatic and moving.

15.02.2009 - Animecrew kindly offered to send me a copy of their magazine with Android Eyes in it. So I'm going to see my work printed for the first time ever (I simply didn't have the nerve to read Bedeman). Shall I sign up for this year's edition? I really suck at writing short stories.

29.12.2008 - sketchbook updated.

17.12.2008 - gallery/classical updated.

30.11.2008 - Something new in the gallery and two new pictures in the sketchbook. All in poisonous green.

25.10.2008 - Five new pictures in the sketchbook, but I don't think there will be any more updates. It's just a waste of time.
I'd really like to paint something large. I have a vision of an industrial city landscape in black and neon, with a puddle of water in the foreground reflecting grey sky. I'd like it to be about 100x70 cm, but I'm not sure if I have the patience for it. On the other hand, it could be just the right thing for the main page of the new webdesign.

22.09.2008 - Lately I've been thinking about a new concept for my graphic novel and drawing a lot, so there's a whole new section: the sketchbook. It's kind of a temporary thing, so the HTML is rather amateurish.
Oh, and the hosting hasn't expired in August after all. Perhaps I'm such a minor client that FORPSI forgot about me.

06.08.2008 - This site needs a new design (and a new content) so badly I'm almost ashamed to link to this version. I really must do something about it. Actually there's a sort of deadline: 22.8. - the day when this domain (and possibly also the hosting) expires.
But meanwhile, there's a new painting in galleries/classical. And big news - Android Eyes, the manga by Monika Chang (or Miou Miou or Candi Mao) and me, has been published by In all its weirdness, in higher quality, with better lettering and two brand new pages! Remastered realease with a bonus!

25.05.2008 - Galleries/2006 updated: Birds of Paradise. I like this one.

05.05.2008 - Galleries/classical updated. It's in tempera again. Perhaps I should try acryl after all.

29.03.2008 - I'm being productive. Another picture in the gallery. But nothing special.

25.03.2008 - Just a quick update: two pictures in galleries/2006 (there's no point in creating a new folder for 2008 before moving to a new webhosting) and another two in galleries/classical, and I'm actually working on another two things. And the new design, of course. I still can't get past the title illustration.
Totally out of topic, but I got a driving licence!